Wipe that look of satisfaction off Dave the taxman's face when you sort out your tax properly. Would you like nothing extra to go to the taxman beyond what's necessary? You work hard for your money, so make sure you get the best advice on how to manage your income.

Otherwise Dave has a good day.

Just click through to the get the full info, Like the page and enter in your details. Then you're in the draw to win your choice of $1,000 worth of Apple gear!

Picture Dave just lingering in a dark corridor, waiting for the moment to pounce on your financial details and do your tax. A scary thought indeed. It's time to send Dave packing... on a holiday perhaps.

If we get 250 likes we'll send Dave on an all-expenses paid trip to the beautiful resort city of Kabul in Afghanistan. We've heard it's da bomb – that it's always hot and that the 36 hour camel rides are just fabulous.

Let's send Dave to Kabul so we can pay less tax and make life just that little bit easier. Simply click on the LIKE button at the top of the page... all it takes is, well, less than a second!

If we get 1000 likes everyone gets a
15% discount on getting their tax done.
Simply click 'like' now and save!

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Please help us save this innocent white pup from wearing anymore hideous jumpsuits!

Dave needs a new pet. As well as littering and sunbathing in speedos, Dave would love to take his pet for walks in public libraries and various nursing homes across the state.

We need your help. Upload a pic of an appropriate pet for Dave and tag yourself in that pic for chance to win a year's FREE tax package! That's right, if your pet suggestion is declared the best, you can win your next tax return on us!

Simply click the Go To Wall button below. Then upload your photo, with a caption "I think Dave should have...". Once the photo appears on the Wall, open it and tag yourself.

We will pick the best suggested animal photo that's been tagged and notify the winner they have won on the Facebook page.

© Clark & Jacobs 2011
Another digital solution brought to you by WHY Agency
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Don't Tax Yourself Facebook page

WHY Agency created this Facebook page campaign hub for Don't Tax Yourself project for Clark & Jacobs. This was the primary point of contact for all materials; direct mail, EDM, press adverts, posters and Facebook adverts.

All clickable items take you to one of 3 different microsites for opt-in and capture. Be sure to enter your info in Dave's Tax Calculator :)

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