HOW We Work

WHY Agency specialises in creating online marketing and advertising campaigns that deliver on 3 fronts:


1. Strategy - pre-build concept and planning

We have years of experience from the very early days of the Internet industry and understand how to apply the Internet's resources to your business needs.


As a digital marketing agency we develop strategies for your website to meet its goals. We research, develop a plan and manage its execution every step of the way.


Here are some of the things you'll find out along the way:

  • What your competitors are doing and how your business can stand out in your industry.
  • WHAT information your customers are looking for on your website and how to deliver a great experience.
  • HOW your business should communicate to keep those customers interested, engaged and most importantly, liking and trusting your business.

A digital strategy is perfect for small or medium business owners that are completely new to internet marketing or have been doing some, but without a real plan or understanding of how to use internet communications to grow their business. It is perfect for anyone not getting the result from their website that they expected.

2. Development - design and build implementation

At WHY Agency we believe in Goal Oriented Website Development Services and we utilise years of analytical data experience to determine what works.


Below is the development process we go through to ensure we exceed your expectations.

Steps To An Effective Website Development Project

Determine Business Goals – we seek to understand your goals which then set the tone for creative decisions, site map construction, sales funnel development and branding decisions.

Develop Sitemap Strategy - Most businesses have an idea of the elements that they want in their website, our team takes pride in the logical setup of a professional site map.

Integrate Creative Concepts – the creative idea is vital in the design and build. Make sure you visit our creative services section to begin learning more about our creative concept process.

Complete Website Build - Many of the important factors that we determined during the planning phase of the project would now be put into place.

Content Integration - The words you choose to put on your website are invaluable in the determination of your visitor's behaviour. It is important that the content be thoroughly read and understood by the web designer so that it can be integrated into the body of the website with conversion in mind.

Review & Improve With Split Testing -??????????


3. Post-launch marketing and advertising

Once your website is built you need to focus on the how. Specifically, how do you get traffic and more importantly conversions?

Since our post build model is all about 'return on investment' (ROI) we will help select what is right for your business from the services listed below.

Internet Marketing Services

We recommend that you speak with one of our representatives to help build a successful blue print that caters to your business and budgetary needs.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is the process of generating sales or enquiries from people who click through to your site from the non-paid links in Search Engines.  There are a thousand-and-one tactics that can be employed but it all starts with the content on your website. How well does your current site deliver?

Pay Per Click

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood ways of delivering highly targeted traffic to your website, pay per click done right can make an incredible impact on your company. Google Adwords and other paid search engines allow you to advertise keywords relevant to your business and ensure they only come up in areas you service, during scheduled times and at your own budget. 

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  • The Home Contents campaign created by WHY Agency has been very popular with many of our real estate referers. It captures the right tone to speak directly to our key market for contents insurance cover. Always a pleasure working with the WHY Agency on our projects.

    Anthony Barbara, AJ Insurance

  • Thanks to Mike and the team at WHY Agecny for a wonderful job redesigning the new facelift for our Bell Landscapes website! Very happy with the result, the quality of the work and service.

    Mark Bell, Bell Landscapes